Innovation & Breakthrough!
Step Forward to Internalization!

FEPOTEC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is dedicated in R & D, design and manufacturing of spindles and lathe tailstocks for machine tools. Under the company's policy of "Continuous Innovation & Breakthrough", Fepotec has spent great efforts in new successfully developed the grinding wheel dressers for use on precision grinders. With their outstanding accuracy and performance.

Based on the concept of modern operation management, We not only constantly upgrade our R & D and manufacturing capability but also always improve our manufacturing process. Fepotec products are assembled and inspected in air-conditioning room to ensure quality achieves the highest standard. This also-enables us to meet customers' requirement for more rigorous quality.


飛浦轉角主軸 精度量測1
飛浦轉角主軸 精度量測2
飛浦轉角主軸 精度量測3
飛浦轉角主軸 精度量測4
飛浦轉角主軸 精度量測5